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Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels
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Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels

Quod genus est materia et tabulata Polyester Orff Carmina usum quid est? In cotidiana nostra vita, multi sunt incipiens ad fiberboard polyester, sed usque sunt aliqui qui non polyester fiberboard conceptum, vel etiam propter quid est ad eam.

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1. Product Introduction of Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels

What kind of material is Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels and what is its use? In our daily life, many people are beginning to use polyester fiberboard, but there are still some people who have no concept of polyester fiberboard, or even know what purpose it is used for. Below is the introduction of what kind of polyester fiber board is and how to install polyester fiber.

What kind of material is polyester fiber board?


1. First of all, let's understand the polyester fiber cotton, and the two common forms are coarse fiber and fine fiber. The filling in most sofas is basically coarse fiber, and fine fiber is what we often call space cotton. When the polyester fiber cotton is pressed at high temperature, it has the same texture as wool felt. Polyester fiberboard is made of pure polyester fiber cotton.


2. In processus a polyester, summatim referendo fiberboard, uti glutinum nullo sit amet, sic dimisit in content formaldehyde usum processus est valde humilis, qui plene obviam environmental praesidio signa. Fiberboard Polyester est basically usus porus acusticus project per ipsum, quod confert ad progressionem consilio est porus acusticus.


3. The raw material used in the polyester fiberboard is polyester fiber cotton, which is made by special technology, showing the shape of cocoon cotton. When the noise is below 4000HZ, it can achieve complete sound insulation and has a very good sound insulation effect. And it is a green product. It is also very convenient in daily maintenance and easy to clean. If you want to choose sound insulation and acoustic materials, polyester fiberboard is the most suitable.

2. Orff Carmina Specification autem tabulata Polyester


Polyester Fiber


9mm 12mm








Other et flamma retardant


Gregorian Requiem III .Features autem tabulata Polyester

Ornamenta et alia tabula magnitudinis secari figuram cnc Secans Apparatus

, Flamma retardant: Testis Paleonemertea Class A Romani ASTM E84

Sonus effusio: diversi aeris intervallum NRC0.7-0.95

Impact resistance, easy to clear, durable, thermal insulation, recycled material and Eco- friendly. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional fiberglass acoustic panel


4. De Utilitate Qdboss Other Other Other tabulata Polyester

Qdboss Acoustic has the patent technology to make the polyester fiber panel flame retardant during production. That’s to say, our panel is flame retardant after production. The performance is as good as the panel made of FR fibers, while the cost is half. Unlike the old socking method, we can arrange the shipment as soon as the production. More environment friends, no smell, not sticker or wet on the surface.


5. Delivery and Shipping Service of Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels

Polyester est Qdboss Orff Carmina tabulata facis prodendisque cartons, ut tutum sit a amet salsissimus vir vivens, et planum mare. Qdboss Factory Jiaozhou sita in Qingdao, nisi unius horae coegi celebre Qingdao in Qingdao et Portus Jiaodong International Airport. Domesticae sumptus praebere potest nisi naviculas ieiunium partus idoneo


6. Further processing of the Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels

Et panel sit rite celebrata MMCDXX * 1220mm, figura quadrilatera rectangula. Non enim est ferrum secans sectionem statione et laser apparatus. Et sicut sexcenta 1200x1200 panel ut secari, 1200x600, 600x600, 300x300 vel circa hexagoni speciem aut irregulares figuras.

Quattuor marginibus beveled possit, natura cohaerentia partium magis intuetur hoc murum.

Albus color et exemplaria typis et imaginibus fieri potest etiam ad eam magis exornantur.


7. Loading Quantity of Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels

The full size polyester panel can be loaded 800 pieces in 20ft container.

The full size polyester lusus panel potest MDC 40ft Cantabrigiensis GP Accessit pieces in quo est.

The full size polyester lusus panel potest MCM 40ft C. pieces in quo est.

And more quantity can be loaded if the polyester panel is cut to small sizes.


8. Why Choose Qdboss Acoustic Polyester Acoustic Sound Panels

1. Qdboss has ten years production experience for acoustic panels

2. habemus nostram prove milia projects ad Bonitas et ministerium, maxime in industria cinematographico: Top X nostra cinemas vincula sunt usus porus acusticus panel cinematographico

3. 7 workshops and experienced workers to ensure the fast and production and delivery

4. 24/7 available for any question about acoustic panel

5. Full set of SGS testing report available for fire, thermal resistance, formaldehyde release

6. Qdboss aliquot celebre notam elit, est domi ac foris

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