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Polyester Fiber Orff Board
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Polyester Fiber Orff Board

Fiber-Classical tabulis fiunt a polyester non combustibilis ab aere obscuritas, tractata specialis microporous polyester alimentorum fibra. Sunt exempla cultioribus vestimentis varietate eligendi.

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Polyester Fiber Classical 1. Product introductionis Board

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Boards are made of non-combustible, microporous treated special polyester fiber. There are a variety of colors and patterns of decorative cloth to choose from. As an acoustic material that has been widely used all over the world, it Proven to have excellent sound absorption properties. The product has the characteristics of decoration, heat preservation, flame retardant, environmental protection, light weight, easy processing, stability, impact resistance and easy maintenance. Become the preferred sound-absorbing material for interior decoration.


2. Specification of Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board


Fiber polyester


9mm  12mm




1.2-2kg / sqm

Halobacterium salinarum



Other et flamma retardant


3 .Features of Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board

One: Broad sound absorption spectrum It has better sound absorption effect for low, medium and high frequency noise. It can fully absorb the daily 125-4000Hz noise, shorten the reverberation time, improve the sound performance, and improve the clarity of speech.

Duabus tabulis absorbuit, fortis et sanus fiber decorativeness ShopWiki superficies varietate colorum ornamenta linteamina eligendi. A purpura quoque adversus provisum sit a elit. Et secundum usus porus acusticus ornamentum uel dominus in materia de adversus egredere frame vel sit non volutpat ut hoc productum potest creare comfortable, quietam, calidum et elegans umbraticis environment, quae habet tam sonus effusio et color effectus.

Three: Fire and flame retardant Flame retardant performance is one of the important safety indicators of building materials. In the production process of polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels, RS-1241 type flame retardant imported from the United States is added to make the entire product have strong flame resistance.

4 .Applications of Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board

The polyester fiber panel is widely used in the following areas: Cinema, theater, healthcare center, shopping malls, clubs, education room, stadium, home decoration, office, baffle, home theater, meeting room. It can provide a safe, quite and delightful environment for the people inside.

5. Quod Fibre Polyester Utilitate Qdboss Other Other Board

Qdboss Acoustic has the patent technology to make the polyester fiber panel flame retardant during production. That’s to say, our panel is flame retardant after production. The performance is as good as the panel made of FR fibers, while the cost is half. Unlike the old socking method, we can arrange the shipment as soon as the production. More environment friends, no smell, not sticker or wet on the surface.


6. quid de Polyester Fiber Orff Board


We have 7 modern workshops and production line, with patent technology to make the stable products. Qdboss produces flame retardant Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board, fabric wrapped fiberglass acoustic panel, fiberglass acoustic ceiling. 

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