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Polyester Acoustic Leaf
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Polyester Acoustic Leaf

Polyester Acoustic Leaf is cut from the polyester fiber panel. It is a kind of decorative material with sound-absorbing function made of polyester fiber as raw material by hot pressing and needle punching.

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Folium Classical 1. Product introductionis Polyester

Polyester Acoustic Leaf is cut from the polyester fiber panel. It is a kind of decorative material with sound-absorbing function made of polyester fiber as raw material by hot pressing and needle punching. The product has the characteristics of decoration, heat preservation, flame retardant, environmental protection, light weight, easy processing, stability, impact resistance and easy maintenance. Become the preferred sound-absorbing material for interior decoration.


2. Specification of Classical Folium Polyester


Polyester Fiber


9mm 12mm


Within 1220x2420mm






Acoustic and Decorative


Folium Orff .Features III de Polyester

Ornamenta et alia tabula magnitudinis secari figuram cnc Secans Apparatus

Flame-retardant: ASTM E84 Testing Class A Grade

Sound absorption: NRC0.7-0.95 with different air gap

Impact resistance, easy to clear, durable, thermal insulation, recycled material and Eco- friendly. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional fiberglass acoustic panel

Polyester est .Applications IV Other Folium

In panel polyester alimentorum fibra late in sequentibus locis: Cinema, theatrum, media curis, shopping malls, fustibus, educationem locus, stadio et domum ornamentum, officium, ELUDO, domum theatrum, conventu locus. Potest providere tutum est, satis iucundum environment, et in medio populi.


V Quare elige Qdboss Other Other Folium Polyester

1. Qdboss has ten years production experience for acoustic panels

2. habemus nostram prove milia projects ad Bonitas et ministerium, maxime in industria cinematographico: Top X nostra cinemas vincula sunt usus porus acusticus panel cinematographico

3. 7 workshops and experienced workers to ensure the fast and production and delivery

4. 24/7 available for interrogare de panel porus acusticus

5. Full set of SGS testing report available for fire, thermal resistance, formaldehyde release

6. Qdboss is the supplier for several famous brand at home and abroad


VI Quam ut install Orff Folium Polyester

1. Antequam constructione, vos postulo attendere ad quaestionem de tabula Selectio layout, et opus reddere operam ad tenues specialis color differentia. Parte farina invenire centrum ducta linea transversa, agitur de via lapides simili modo ponendi. Tamen, quod sciendum, quod per totum processum, vos postulo gerunt caestus ad vitare constructione pollutio.



2. When cutting the board, a steel ruler and a utility knife are usually used to better cut and modify the board. If it is necessary to reduce the seam, the blade needs to be inclined by 0.5~1mm, which can effectively reduce the gap.


3. Cum pasting, te potest uti LATEX, aut non-album per se, omnia ad munera gluten et lignum sive caementa non possunt inhaero ad efficientius basi, atque ita diutius in usu tollet

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