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PET Panel is synthesized by high temperature and high pressure by needle punching processing, and the porosity is above 90%.

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Polyester est 1.Introduction alimentorum fibra panel porus acusticus

Polyester est summatim perstringitur a panel alimentorum fibra porus acusticus caliditas et pressura per foramen acus transire placebat ei pulsare altum processui et porosity est super XC%. Nos quoque habent patentibus ars in nostra porus acusticus tabulata permanens ignis retardant. XLIV Sunt plus quam eligere ut in colorum. Vos can quoque aliqua figura, ut interficiam porus acusticus in tabula elit.


Praesertim quia commercial est disposito interiora,

as a perfect replacement panel for textile-covered tiles in workstation systems

to provide a lighter, more flexible and recyclable wall panel and demountable partitioning system

an acoustic panel system

Nullam mollis a pavimento tegulis et laquearia pro applications.


Our Polyester fiber acoustic panel can be used in many public places like cinema, theaters, dance halls, auditorium, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium etc. The sound absorption property of Polyester fiber acoustic panel is good in the range of middle and high frequency. It has the advantages of heat insulation, fire retardant, dust prevention, light weight and no decay, also has better sound absorption effect, high strength, good decoration, easy installation, environmental friendly.


De alimentorum fibra porus acusticus panel 2.Specification Polyester

Product #

PET Panel


100% Polyester Fiber


200kg / m3




* MCCXX 2420mm


3mm - 15mm or customized thickness

Flamma retardant (CNS)



A genus

Halobacterium salinarum


Romani ECO



American CA117, BS5852 Britannia, Australia AS1530, CE;


More than 44 colors available or customized colors


(1).  Sound-adsorbing wall panel and suspended ceiling

(2).  Interior wall decorative panel

(III). DELICIAE Panelis materiae Insulation

4.Details Of Acoustic felt wall panel

These pictures hope to better help you understand Acoustic felt wall panel.

5. Delivery and Shipping Service of PET Panel

Packaging details:

9mm crassitudine porus acusticus panel 10pcs pet / currus

12mm thickness pet acoustic panel 8pcs/carton

Shipping modi:

Per aerem, aut exprimere: Fedex, UPS, DHL vel Aeris parcel.

By sea: From Qingdao seaport

By Train or by land

Payment modi:

T/T, Paypal, Western union, Moneygram, Cash



Q: What's the material of PET acoustic panels ?

A, C% de materia, est REDIVIVUS polyester alimentorum fibra, quae est a plastic utres.

Q: What is the NRC of PET Panel? 

A: D. possit pervenire 0,85

Q: Can PET panels be flame retardant? Any certifications ?

A: Yes, we have national patent for flame retardant, all of our pet panels are permanent fire retardant, they've passed ASTM CLASS A and EN13501 CLASS B.

Q: An acoustic fabrica De alimentorum fibra Polyester panel?

A: Ita, sumus porus acusticus materiae maxima sita est in manufacturer in Sina Qingdao, Shandong provinciae, officinas scriptor aream nostri (XL) est quadratum metris.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: For stocked panels, it's around 3-5 days, for custom panels, it is 7-10 days.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: No MOQ 

Q: How do you get goods delivered ?

A: By sea, by air and by express

Q: An tu potes facere Altera Polyester est alimentorum fibra porus acusticus panel?

A: Yes, One of our strength is OEM



Estne Qingdao flamma retardant rhoncus Materias Co, Ltd in MMVIII condita est, est maxima professio polyester porus acusticus manufacturer panel in Sinis. Eco-amica Panelare DELICIAE nostro resonet conbibit flammae resistunt scelerisque et velit. Habemus quidem notum architectus productio quadrigis, et effective recta ratio est ponere imperium stricte qualitas. Noster comitatu est a lucratus fama ingens global foro de optimis et praeclarus in ministerium. Nos autem exspectantes operari semper vobiscum.

For 24 hours contact Qdboss acoustic solutions details as below:


Mobile / whatsapp / Wechat:



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