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Polyester hexagoni Orff Panel
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Polyester hexagoni Orff Panel

Hexagon Polyester Acoustic Panel is a new type of decorative sound-absorbing material, which is made of dense and porous sound-absorbing board by hot pressing of polyester fiber.

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1. Product Introduction of Hexagon Polyester Acoustic Panel

Polyester Orff novi generis ornamenta Panel est sonus, debebit esse materiae, quae est sonus ab densa et rari, per calidum-conbibit tabula urgeat polyester alimentorum fibra. Full-frequency-absorbentis gurgitis munus habet sonus valde significant. In ipso est materia environmentally- amica,-humorem probationem, anti-deformatio, ignis-probationem, fruticum raritate praetexitur repugnans, et fortitudinem, et aliqua spissitudo corii habet. Luctus pulvinar potest efficaciter tueri corporis collisione fortuita parietem. Processus facit variis coloribus ornata polyester fiberboard magis effectus diversorum potest quis metus ornamentum. Other Online hexagoni Polyester est ex eo.


2 .Features of Hexagon Polyester Acoustic Panel

Ornamenta et alia tabula magnitudinis secari figuram cnc Secans Apparatus

, Flamma retardant: Testis Paleonemertea Class A Romani ASTM E84

Sonus effusio: diversi aeris intervallum NRC0.7-0.95

Impact resistance, easy to clear, durable, thermal insulation, recycled material and Eco- friendly. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional fiberglass acoustic panel

3 .Applications of Hexagon Polyester Acoustic Panel

In panel polyester alimentorum fibra late in sequentibus locis: Cinema, theatrum, media curis, shopping malls, fustibus, educationem locus, stadio et domum ornamentum, officium, ELUDO, domum theatrum, conventu locus. Potest providere tutum est, satis iucundum environment, et in medio populi.

4. et Shipping Delivery Service Sexangulidati Polyester Orff Panel

Qdboss Hexagon Polyester Acoustic Panel is packed in durable cartons, it is safe to be shipped by truck, sea and plane. Qdboss factory is located in the Jiaozhou, Qingdao, only one hour drive to the famous Qingdao Port and Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. It can save the domestic shipping cost and provide fast and convenient delivery



Q negotiationem aut fabrica es?

A: Qdboss est porus acusticus tabulata professionalem fabrica. Welcome to visit officinas our


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally we have all colors in stock, so we can arrange the shipment as soon as possible. If in peak season 5-15 days with large quantity


Q numquid exempla praebere Sexanguli ShopWiki Chorus Panel? sive extra illud est liberum?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge, clients only needs to pay the freight.


Q: What is your terms of payment?

A:  T/T or L/C


Q: How many colors available for the Hexagon Polyester Acoustic Panel

A: Qdboss potest plura facere quam XL coloribus Sexanguli Polyester Orff Panel


Q: tu fac ut color OEM panel porus acusticus

A:  Yes, with certain quantity, we can do any color as required


Q: How do you ship the goods?

A: sit nostra officina prope portum ac mare Qingdao in Qingdao International Jiaodong aeroportus, nos navem per mare vel per aerem.


VI Quam ut install hexagoni Polyester Orff Panel

I Ante constructione, vos postulo attendere ad quaestionem de tabula Selectio layout, et opus reddere operam ad tenues specialis color differentia. Parte farina invenire centrum ducta linea transversa, agitur de via lapides simili modo ponendi. Tamen, quod sciendum, quod per totum processum, vos postulo gerunt caestus ad vitare constructione pollutio.



2. When cutting the board, a steel ruler and a utility knife are usually used to better cut and modify the board. If it is necessary to reduce the seam, the blade needs to be inclined by 0.5~1mm, which can effectively reduce the gap.


3. When pasting, you can use white latex or non-intrinsic all-purpose glue, so that it can stick to the cement or wood base more effectively, and it will take longer to use

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