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Murum lining Fireproof
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Murum lining Fireproof

Fireproof Wall Linings are made by needle punching and other processes to make different fibers interweave and entangle each other to standardize the fabric, so that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, and stiff to achieve different thicknesses to meet the requirements of use. , Trimmed, packaged in rolls.

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1. Product introductionis Fireproof murus lining

Flamma retardant cinematographico Murus tapetia fit acu punguntur et processus aliter fibris serunt ac caperent invicem vexillum fabricam ut volutpat mollis crassae caliginis rigentibus consequi diversam crassitudo cum praesenti usu . : XXVI, packaged in rotulis.

1. Material composition: polyester staple fiber and polypropylene staple fiber.

2. Clementine_Vulgate coloribus, nigra, griseo, rubrum, caeruleum, flavum, rosea, viridis, brunneis.


2. Specification of Fireproof wall lining










Verbum sanum, hauriendum est Low Frequency


Flamma retardant



3. Further processing of the Fireproof wall lining

The width of the carpet is 1.5m. It can be cut to different sizes such as 1200x1200, 1200x600, 600x600, 300x300, or in round, hexagon shape, or any irregular shapes. And make different shape or images on the wall, to make it not that doll, but more creative and lively.

Deinde muri areae adhiberi potest.



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: Qdboss is a professional manufacturer of acoustic panels, flame retardant fabric and melt blown fabric, with factories area of 40000 square meters


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally we have all colors in stock, so we can arrange the shipment as soon as possible. If in peak season 5-15 days with large quantity


Q: Do you provide samples of the Fabric? Is it free?

A: Sic, ut possent offerre liberum crimen in in sample, non indiget nisi ut poenas Suspendisse clients.


Q: What is your terms of payment?

A:  T/T or L/C


Q: tu fac ut color OEM panel porus acusticus

A:  Yes, with certain quantity, we can do any color as required


Q: ut quibusdam figuris et nos?

A:  Yes, we have the cutting station and laser cutting machine, so we can cut the fabric or panel to any sizes or shape within its max. Size.


V Ut fireproof murus lining opus faciunt?

The common carpet is not flame retardant, we can make it flame retardant by some further process, such as soaking in chemicals, FR yarn, and carbon coating. In practice, activated-carton coating is the most advisable choice. The main component is graphite, which is flame-retardant. Graphene is a key national support project. The expansion rate of graphite is 300, which can expand instantly when exposed to high temperatures, preventing oxygen from contacting textiles, smoking and reducing smoke density. Carbonized in fire, no dripping, environmentally friendly flame retardant product Activated carbon coating foaming machine, uniform coating, and good air permeability, impervious to glue


VI Quid elige Qdboss Orff Fireproof murus lining

1. Qdboss has ten years production experience for acoustic panels, flame retardant fabric and meltblown fabric

2. habemus nostram prove milia projects ad Bonitas et ministerium, maxime in industria cinematographico: Top X nostra cinemas vincula sunt usus porus acusticus cinematographico panel cum fabricae flamma retardant

3. 7 workshops and experienced workers to ensure the fast and production and delivery

4. 24/7 available for interrogare de panel porus acusticus et textilia.

5. Full set of SGS testing report available for fire, thermal resistance, formaldehyde release

6. Qdboss aliquot celebre notam elit, est domi ac foris



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