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Morbi Polypropylene flamma retardant
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Morbi Polypropylene flamma retardant

Seres Morbi nomen Domini Polypropylene flamma retardant a propylene factum est, per-productum ex PETROLEUM conflans.

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1. Product introductionis Polypropylene flamma retardant volutpat

Sinica est nomen synthetica alimentorum fibra isotactic polypropylene alimentorum fibra a propylene factum est, per-productum ex PETROLEUM conflans. Item nota quod polypropylene alimentorum fibra. Fons est et rudis materiae abundat, productio processus est simplex et productum pretium est relative minus quam aliis Saccharum fibris.

In physica et mechanica proprietatibus alimentorum fibra sunt: ​​magno robore (brevis est alimentorum fibra 4-6 g / negator est fibram 5-8 g / negator) aridam et infectum robore vires sunt basically idem, propria gravitas parva (0.91) , abrasione resistentia ROSIO etc.

Nos fac de activated carbo carbonis membrana dignitatis, cum fabricae flamma retardant a tergo.



Morbi a flamma retardant Polypropylene 2. Specification









Halobacterium salinarum

0.6-0.95 in fiberglass


Flame retardant



3. quid de Polypropylene flamma retardant volutpat


Et officinas productio linea VII modern habemus, cum ad firmum, ut patent technology products. Morbi Qdboss facit flamma retardant Polypropylene flamma retardant, porus acusticus fabricae operuit fiberglass panel, fiberglass porus acusticus laquearia. Habemus enim alium modum flamma retardant diversas lineas productio processus sicut currus coating processus, processus tincta inponuntur flamma retardant, fiberglass fabricae processus ad occursum requisita de diversis ex clients.

4. Delivery Service Shipping et in flamma retardant Morbi Polypropylene

Qdboss Polypropylene Flame Retardant Fabric is packed in durable woven bags in rolls. And inside there is also PE bags to protect more safety. If the fabric warped fiberglass panel, we have standard high quality carton to pack them, it is safe to be shipped by truck, sea and plane. Qdboss factory is located in the Jiaozhou, Qingdao, only one hour drive to the famous Qingdao Port and Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. It can save the domestic shipping cost and provide fast and convenient delivery.


5 Further processing of the Polypropylene Flame Retardant Fabric

Crassitudo antepagmentorum in fabricae est 1.5m. Potest ut conciderent 1200x1200 inaequalis, 1200x600, 600x600, 300x300 vel circa hexagoni speciem aut irregulares figuras. Inde est usus ad involvent fiberglass.

Et factum est cum fabricae potest etiam esse locum ad plagam-ædificavit murum curatio ratio fabricae porus acusticus

Albus color et exemplaria typis et imaginibus fieri potest etiam ad eam magis exornantur.



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: Qdboss is a professional manufacturer of acoustic panels, flame retardant fabric and melt blown fabric, with factories area of 40000 square meters


Q: Ut longo tempore partum est?

A: Generally we have all colors in stock, so we can arrange the shipment as soon as possible. If in peak season 5-15 days with large quantity


Q: Quid facitis quod Fabricae exempla? Liberum illud est?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge, clients only needs to pay the freight.


Q: Quod est opus tuum termini solucionis?

A: T / T aut L / C


Q: How many colors available for the Fabric?

A:  We have more than 100 colors for your choice


Q: tu fac ut color OEM panel porus acusticus

A:  Yes, with certain quantity, we can do any color as required


Q: ut quibusdam figuris et nos?

A: Sic, habemus quod laser capillus secans sectionem statione apparatus, sic potest aut fabricae interficiam ad panel in figura sive magnitudinum habet max. Magnitudine.


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