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Ignis Retardant Wall amictus gloria
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Ignis Retardant Wall amictus gloria

Fire Retardant Wall Coverings are made by needle punching and other processes to make different fibers interweave and entangle each other to standardize the fabric, so that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, and stiff to achieve different thicknesses to meet the requirements of use. , Trimmed, packaged in rolls.

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1. Product Introduction of Fire retardant wall covering

Flamma retardant cinematographico Murus tapetia fit acu punguntur et processus aliter fibris serunt ac caperent invicem vexillum fabricam ut volutpat mollis crassae caliginis rigentibus consequi diversam crassitudo cum praesenti usu . : XXVI, packaged in rotulis.

1. Material composition: polyester staple fiber and polypropylene staple fiber.

2. Clementine_Vulgate coloribus, nigra, griseo, rubrum, caeruleum, flavum, rosea, viridis, brunneis.

3. Materia faciem alba tunica, hinc flammis illinc retardant.


2 .Applications of Fire retardant wall covering

The tapete in muro panel monstrat se esse optimum ad uti palam est, praecipue in his locis quae habet excelsum salutem necessaria est. Eg cinematographico, theatrum, media curis, shopping malls, fustibus, locus educationem et stadio currunt, canteens, et otium centrum. Et sonitum vox repercussu reduci potest clarius


3. The Advantage of Qdboss Acoustic Fire retardant wall covering

Qdboss Acoustic has the patent technology to make the wall carpet flame retardant there are various flame retardant technologies, such as carton coating, soaking as well as flame retardant cloth. We also have the cutting machine to make different shapes to make more possibilities on the wall.

Et transeamus ad test in primum is an certa servato procedendi in BS476 Part6: MCMLXXXIX + A1: No. MMIX incorporandi corrigendum I: MMXIV ignis probat in aedificationem ex parte materiae, et structures- VI: ratio test ad ignem productsâ ad propagationem.


Quid elige Qdboss IV Other retardant murus ignis operimentum perditioni

1. Qdboss has ten years production experience for acoustic panels, flame retardant fabric and meltblown fabric

2. We have thousands of projects to prove our good quality and service, especially in the cinema industry, Top 10 cinemas chains are using our cinema acoustic panel with the flame retardant fabric

3. VII officina dein et peritus operarios ad curare productio, et ieiunium partus et

4. 24/7 available for any question about acoustic panel and fabrics.

5. Full set of SGS testing report available for fire, thermal resistance, formaldehyde release

6. Qdboss is the supplier for several famous brand at home and abroad


5 How to install Fire retardant wall covering

Measure and position the places where the carpet would be used on the wall, then choose the color and calculate the quantity to be used and it is better to add 10% as there would be wastage during installation. Cut the carpet according to the drawing and then put it on the wall with glues. The edges are better to be covered to the panels to make it looks better.

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