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Polyester Acoustic Baffle
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Polyester Acoustic Baffle

The Polyester Acoustic Baffle is a panel that is hanging on the ceiling vertically in a row.

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Polyester Classical 1. Product introductionis Baffle

The Polyester Acoustic Baffle is a panel that is hanging on the ceiling vertically in a row. And they can be in different colors and shapes, it is made of dense and porous sound-absorbing board by hot pressing and needle punching of polyester fiber. Its full-frequency sound-absorbing function is very significant


2. Specification of Polyester Acoustic Baffle


Fiber polyester


9mm  12mm


in 1220x2420mm


1.2-2kg / sqm




Flame retardant and Acoustic


3. The Advantage of Qdboss Acoustic Polyester Acoustic Baffle

Other Qdboss patentibus technology quod habet facere cum polyester alimentorum fibra panel in flamma retardant productionem. S Thatâ dicere, quod nos flamma retardant panel post productionem. Et perficiendi ex FR est tam bonum sicut panel fibris, cum dimidium sumptus est. Veteris dissimilis socking tradit, ut disponat amet productionem complevit. Magis amica elit, non odor, non in obice aut umidus est super superficiem. Nos quoque in sectione apparatus, ut in diversas figuras ELUDO, ut magis possibilities.


4. et Shipping Delivery Service of Classical Baffle Polyester

Qdboss Polyester Acoustic Baffle is packed in durable cartons, it is safe to be shipped by truck, sea and plane. Qdboss factory is located in the Jiaozhou, Qingdao, only one hour drive to the famous Qingdao Port and Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. It can save the domestic shipping cost and provide fast and convenient delivery


5. Further processing of the Polyester Acoustic Baffle

The finished panel is 2420*1220mm, rectangle shape. We have the blade cutting station and laser cutting machine. And the panel can be cut to different sizes such as 1200x1200, 1200x600, 600x600, 300x300, or in round, hexagon shape, or any irregular shapes.

The four edges can be beveled, the connecting parts looks more natural on the wall in this way.

Albus color et exemplaria typis et imaginibus fieri potest etiam ad eam magis exornantur.


Q negotiationem aut fabrica es?

A: Qdboss is a professional manufacturer of acoustic panels. And Welcome to visit our factory


Q: Ut longo tempore partum est?

A cunctis nos plerumque genere colores sic disponat quamprimum amet. 5-15 in diebus multa apicem temporum


Q: tu autem ShopWiki Chorus Baffle exempla praebere? sive extra illud est liberum?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge, clients only needs to pay the freight.


Q: Quod est opus tuum termini solucionis?

A:  T/T or L/C


Q: Quam multis coloribus available for Chorus in Baffle Polyester

A:  Qdboss can produce more than 40 colors of the Polyester Acoustic Baffle


Q: tu fac ut color OEM panel porus acusticus

A: Sic, cum certa quantitas, quis color non possumus facere Quod erat faciendum


Q: An ut quibusdam figuris in ELUDO

A: Sic, habemus quod laser capillus secans sectionem statione apparatus, sic potest interficiam in figura, panel ad magnitudinum aut 1220x2420mm

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