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Other Morbi Wall Board
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Other Morbi Wall Board

QDBOSS Acoustic Fabric Wall Board uses high quality fiberglass board with different flame retardant fabric. This type of acoustic panel is environmental friendly, widely used, sound absorption, well decorative, easy installation, no dust pollution etc.

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1.Introduction of Acoustic fabric wall Board

Morbi QDBOSS depositum involvit porus acusticus panel utitur princeps tabulam apud diversas species fiberglass fabricae flamma retardant. Hoc est genus environmental amica panel porus acusticus, late usus est, sonus effusio, etiam exornantur, facilem installation, nulla pollutio pulvis etc. De variis coloribus et electiones consummavi, non satiat omnia s customerâ postulationem porus acusticus et decorem. Morbi sit amet murus tabula acusticus cogit dura sicut distrahunt strepitus vocis sonum et ius atque auxilium Reverb feda spectantibus. Hardened ora pro porus acusticus panel potest habere proventus per cinematographico, Multi-rem Cella, conventus locus, KTV, Hotel, Music Cella, Auditorium, et loca theatralia.


2.Specification Of Acoustic fabric wall Board

Product #

Other fabricae murum Board




Morbi Fiberglassï¼ Glasswoolï¼ + flamma retardant,

(Polyester / Donec fibris / polypropylene / fiberglass)

Fireproof Romani (Base)

Non-combustible, Grade A

Flamma retardant Rating (CNS)

B1 / A

Overall NRC 


Lolium multiflorum Frequency

Humilis, medium altumve habent Frequencies


Many colors

Latin Crassitudo

25mm / 50mm aut mos

Standard Size

600x600mm, vel mos 600x1200mm


Sound absorbing, to reduce echo and reverb. Mounted on side wall or back wall.



Morbi QDBOSS late usus porus acusticus panel potest ad altiorem locum, in quo habeat postulatum persequendum ad acoustics, ut Cinemas, Ecclesiis, Offices, Schools, Multi-rem Cella, Musica Cella, Auditorium, et loca theatralia.

4.Details Of Acoustic fabric wall Board

These pictures hope to better help you understand Acoustic fabric wall Board. The fiberglass board can be wrapped with different types of fire retardant fabric like activated carbon coating fabric and fiberglass fabric which has good FR performance and various colors. We can also do UV printing on white color fabric with customers’ design to be better decorative. Customized shape also can be made by our CNC machine as your requirements.

5. Delivery Service of Classical fabricae Shipping et murus Board

packaging detailsï¼

25mm crassitudine fabricae porus acusticus panel 15pcs / currus

50mm thickness fabric acoustic panel 8pcs/carton

Shipping methods:

Per aerem, aut exprimere: Fedex, UPS, DHL vel Aeris parcel.

Per maris portus de Qingdao

By Train or by land

Payment methods:

T / T, Paypal, Western unionem, Moneygram, Cash



Q: Quid est materia fabricae operuit porus acusticus panel?

A: The core material is fiberglass board(hardened edge and beveled edge),which can be wrapped different type of flame retardant fabric.

Q: What is the NRC of Acoustic fabric wall Board ? 

A: D. possit pervenire 0,95

Q: An flamma retardant Morbi porus acusticus panel sit? Quis certificaciones?

A: Sic, habemus pro patria patentibus flamma retardant, omnes porus acusticus tabulata nostra, qui permanet retardant ignem: non transeam ASTM Class A et B. ORDO EN13501

Q: tune es vir Board manufacturer Of Gregorian fabricae muri?

A: Yes, we are the largest acoustic materials manufacturer in China located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Our factory's area is 40000 square meters.

Q. Quid est ducere tempus

A: Et stocked tabulata, suus 'circa 3-5 dies, tabulata ut mos est 7-10 diebus.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: No MOQ 

Q: How do you get goods delivered ?

A: Per mare, per aerem et express

Q: Are you able to do OEM for Fabric acoustic panel ?

A: Yes, one of our strength is OEM

Solutio in Orff 7.About Qdboss

Qingdao Boss Flame Retardant Textile Materials Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, is largest professional Fabric wrapped acoustic panel manufacturer in China. We exhibit CineCon, CineEurope, CineAsia, Big Cine Expo, Kino Expo, Korea build in different country for many years. Our Acoustic fabric wall Board is eco-friendly, sound absorbing, flame resistant and thermal insulation. We have an outstanding engineer team and effective production line to maintain strict quality control system. Our company has won a great reputation in the global market with the best products and an excellent service. QDBOSS ACOUSTIC SOLUTION looks forward to cooperating with you in near future.

XXIV horas contactus details for solutions Qdboss porus acusticus et infra:





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