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Other TECTUM Board

QDBOSS acoustic ceiling board is made by centrifugal fiberglass board with fiberglass felt (black, white or customized color). The acoustic ceiling edge was solidified with eco-friendly resin to increase durability and stability.

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1. Chorus laquearia conscendit introductionis

QDBOSS acoustic ceiling board is made by centrifugal fiberglass board with fiberglass felt (black, white or customized color). The acoustic ceiling edge was solidified with eco-friendly resin to increase durability and stability. The acoustic ceiling tiles have great acoustic performance to absorb both mid and high frequency. The false ceiling is well decorative and easily installed, which is widely used to for sound-absorption in hospital, hotel, office meeting room, multi-function room, conference room, cinema, home theatre, auditorium, interrogation room and etc.



Other laquearia conscendit et 2.Specification

Product #

Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Tile




High density and high purity centrifugal fiberglass


90kg / m3






Sive nativus crassitudine 20mm


Flat, tegular, concealed

Flamma retardant Rating

Class A, incombustible

Halobacterium salinarum

≥0.85, excellent sound absorption


sound absorbing, fireproof, heat insulation, durable


Black, white, grey or customized colors


Other QDBOSS laquearia conscendit late uti potest ad altiorem locum ubi habeat, requiruntur acoustics, ut Cinemas, Ecclesiis, Offices, Schools, Multi-rem Cella, Musica Cella, Auditorium, et loca theatralia.
Et factum est in fiberglass fiberglass porus acusticus laquearia conscendit et fiberglass sensit. ACAUSTUS et Eco-amica sit, ut publica locis optimum solutio pro multis. Customers et coloribus non quaeritur propter aliud, ut superficiem ex fiberglass sensit sua requisita.

De Orff laquearia conscendit 4.Details

Haec imaginibus sequitur quod melius erit auxilium vobis intelligere Orff laquearia conscendit.
The fiberglass board is incombustible and eco-friendly. The felt on surface is also fiberglass material. The price and quality of QDBOSS acoustic ceiling tiles are more competitive than other suppliers like Armstrong, ecophon, rockwool.

5. Delivery and Shipping Service of Acoustic ceiling board

packaging detailsï¼

Crassitudine 20mm fiberglass porus acusticus laquearia tegulas summiserunt 24pcs / currus

Shipping methods:

By sea: From Qingdao seaport

By air or express:  Fedex, UPS, DHL or Air parcel.

By Train or by land

Payment modi:

T/T, Paypal, Western union, Moneygram, Cash


Q: What's the material of fiberglass acoustic ceiling tiles?

A: Et core fiberglass material tabula est, quod potest attachiatus ad fiberglass sensit.

Q: What is the NRC of Acoustic ceiling board ? 

A: NRC can reach 0.9

Q: Can Acoustic ceiling board be flame retardant? Any certifications ?

A: Yes, we have national patent for flame retardant, our acoustic ceiling is incombustible, they've passed ASTM CLASS A and EN13501 CLASS B.

Q: An a Classical De manufacturer laquearia conscendit?

A: Yes, we are the largest acoustic materials manufacturer in China located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Our factory's area is 40000 square meters.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: For stocked panels, it's around 3-5 days, for custom panels, it is 7-10 days.

Q: Quod est opus tuum MOQ?

A: No MOQ 

Q: How do you get goods delivered ?

A: Per mare, per aerem et express

Q: Are you able to do OEM for Acoustic ceiling board ?

A: Yes, one of our strength is OEM


Qingdao Boss Flame Retardant Textile Materials Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, is the largest acoustic materials manufacturer in China. Our Acoustic ceiling board is eco-friendly, sound absorbing, flame retardant and thermal insulation. We exhibit in Spain, India, Russia, Hongkong, United States, Korea to show our quality products every year. We built good relationships with many famous companies in recent years, like Home de Pot, Huawei, Samsung, Wanda, Dolby cinema and etc. QDBOSS has won a great reputation in overseas market with the best products and an excellent service. QDBOSS ACOUSTIC SOLUTION looks forward to cooperating with you in near future.


For 24 hours contact Qdboss acoustic solutions details as below:





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