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Flamma retardant fabricae est environmentally amica?


There are mainly two kinds of flame retardant Oxford fabric. One is Oxford fabric after coating processing, which not only has flame retardant properties, but also has excellent waterproof properties. The other is woven by using flame retardant polyester filament or flame retardant yarn. The fabric has excellent flame retardant performance, durable flame retardant, good dyeing performance, low smoke and non-toxic when burning. It belongs to environment-friendly flame retardant fabric, which feels soft and beautiful as ordinary fabric.

Flame retardant Oxford cloth is specially processed. It has the functions of fire prevention, smoke prevention and heat insulation. Flame retardant Oxford cloth has the characteristics of low capacity, thermal vibration resistance, fire protection, dust removal, easy construction, etc. it has the characteristics of softness, heat resistance, high temperature resistance and environmental protection.

The flame retardant cloth will automatically extinguish within a few seconds of leaving the open fire. The so-called fire prevention and flame retardancy does not mean that the fabric will not burn when contacting the fire source, but means that the fabric can reduce its flammability in the flame, slow down the spread speed, and do not form a large area of combustion; after leaving the flame, it can quickly self extinguish, and no longer burn or smolder.

Fire retardant cloth (flame retardant cloth) is widely used in traffic, roof and indoor building and decoration, fire-proof auxiliary materials of decoration materials, petrochemical industry, machinery field, as well as lining and external packaging decoration of fire-resistant products. It can be connected with welding slag dropped during high-altitude operation to prevent scalding people and objects below.

What are the specifications of flame retardant fabrics? The specifications of Oxford cloth are 210D, 300D, 420D, 600D, 900D, 1200D, 1680D, etc. according to different uses, it also has the functions of waterproof, antistatic, coating, printing, etc

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